Laura Gray School Of Dance

Dance Classes


The Laura Gray School Of Dance was established in 2009. The school originally started with one class in Old Kilpatrick and the class was originally held in Old Kilpatrick Parish Church Hall on a Monday evening. In 2010 The Laura Gray School of Dance expanded and opened another two successful classes on on a Thursday evening in Balfron and the other on a Saturday morning in Bannockburn, Stirling. In 2011 the Old Kilpatrick class had to move to a bigger hall as the school doubled in size so the Monday evening classes is now based in the 543 Social Club, 18 Nairn Place, Dalmuir, G81 4AU. 

The school offers classes in Tap, Modern, Jazz, Classical Ballet, Majorette, Freestyle, Cheer Pom, Street / Hip Hop & Stretching Techniques. Principle teacher Laura Anne Gray was a former pupil of the Zoe Bell School Of Dance and continues her roll as a teacher at the Zoe Bell School Of Dance now also known as Dance Republic. 

Principal teacher Miss Laura is not only hoping to pass on her passion for dance but also her passion for life onto the pupils in her classes. Laura is confident that her dance school will not only give her pupils a love for dance but offer them opportunities she has had herself to develop and grow within the community. Laura will give all her pupils opportunities in dance by putting them through annual BATD examinations and offering them opportunities to perform in various public events throughout the term.

Laura has a number of dance qualifications F.B.A.T.D Cheer Pom, M.B.A.T.D Stage, Jazz, Freestyle and Cheer Pom, A.B.A.T.D Stage and Freestyle, NCSSE Cheer Coaching Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4, NCSSE Masters Certificate, Fully qualified Zumba and ZumbAtomic Instructor and ZIN Member, Fully qualified FitSteps Instructor and FAN member, Bsc Sports Therapy. Laura's determination and motivation for dance see's her continually looking to progress herself and her pupils and spends her leisure time studying and learning new levels within the BATD structure.

Laura a bachelor of Science Graduate has always had a passion for working within the local community and closely with kids, she is currently employed as a sports development coach in which she delivers a variety of different sports and dance throughout local schools and nurseries. It is Laura's passion and motivation for her job, dancing and life that will drive her to success throughout her future.

The Laura Gray School of Dance perform their annual show in The Mitchell Theatre, Glasgow and The MacRobert Centre, Stirling. The Laura Gray School of Dance has previously performed in GO DANCE 2011 and at a number of Church Fetes, Parades, Gala Days and Sports Shows.

Laura herself has previously performed in various dancing events such as GO DANCE which takes place in the Theatre Royal each year  and The Glasgow River Festival. Laura has also danced at The Glasgow Science Centre and Mar hall Hotel, Bishopton.



Each year the children are encouraged to take part in BATD Dance Examinations. These exams allows the children to gain more experience and progress in the different branches of dance by working their way through the different levels, This can then lead to proffesional teaching exams.


Annual Show


The annual end of year performance held in June every year, gives the children a great chance to perform on a fantastic stage in the Mitchell Theatre, Glasgow and the MacRobert Centre, Stirling and also to show off all their amazing work and effort they have put in throughout the year.





Principle Teacher: - Miss Laura Gray - F.B.A.T.D Cheer Pom, M.B.A.T.D Stage, Jazz, Freestyle & Cheer Pom, A.B.A.T.D Stage and Freestyle, Fully Qualified Zumba and ZumbAtomic Instructor with ZIN Membership, Fully Qualified FitSteps Instructor and FAN Membership, Fully Qualified Boogie Bounce Instructor, NCSSE Cheer Coaching 1, 2, 3 & 4, NCSSE Masters Certificate, Bsc Sports Therapy.


Miss Claire Gallagher - A.B.A.T.D Stage & Majorette

Miss Lauren Hone - A.B.A.T.D Stage & Majorette

Miss Erin Crossan - A.B.A.T.D Stage & Freestyle

Miss Jennifer Mullaney - A.B.A.T.D Stage & Freestyle

Miss Lisa Milroy - A.B.A.T.D Stage

Miss Sinead Diver - A.B.A.T.D Stage

Miss Katie Hunter - A.B.A.T.D Freestyle

Miss Nadia Atmouni - Street Teacher

Miss Clare Nicholson - Student Teacher

Miss Melissa Lyle - Student Teacher

Miss Louise Pimley - Student Teacher